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Jusin Casting Co., Ltd. (JSC) has been manufacturing aluminum alloy castings for a long time in Korea. They have recently invested in facilities and facilities and are dreaming of a second leap. They are called the icon of innovation in the industry and do not stop new challenges. We have fully sympathized with their passion and energy in carrying out the project with them. Learn more to... jumul365.com


Hyomyung Electronic Ltd. has been providing DSP solutions for a long time in Korea as a partner of global companies such as SURF, SPIRIT, D.SIGNT and MicroLAB. They have recently added network solutions(CGS Tower Networks) and are actively pursuing sales activities. If you are interested in new business in Korea, please contact them. They are very bright and future oriented people. Learn more to... hyomyung.com


CHENSIJI.COM is a person who helps business travelers (golf, investment, business, study abroad) of Chinese businessmen who visited Korea. They are very sincere and kind. In addition, people who have worked in Chinese companies for a long time or have studied in China have a strong understanding of China. If you are Chinese and plan to visit Korea, please contact them. Learn more to... chensiji.com


GWANGMYEONG TECHNOLOGY Co. is a company that starts aluminum alloy casting business in Korea. They are high-tech industry people trying to combine casting and high-tech technology. They are extremely bright and smart people, and their passion is also amazing. Their success is already beginning. Learn more to... gmtech.kr